Entertaining the sick

Hello friends, how’s summer treating you? We are having bearably hot weather (if the heat stress index is lower than 40 celcius I’m happy) but are spending most of our time indoors. Munchkin caught some sort of virus and has a very blocked nose. At first I blamed the dust she must have inhaled last Saturday when she performed in a jazz dance show. The location must be the dustiest place on the planet. My eyes were still burning yesterday. Whatever the cause, the doctor ordered her to stay out of the sun until she’s better so our creativity is being tested to the limit. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • watching Charlie and Lola (to the extent that I woke up humming the tune at 3am!);
  • reading Charlie and Lola books;
  • having barbeques and engulfing the whole neighbourhood in smoke;
  • playing Barbie dress-up;
  • drawing;
  • making Lady Gaga bookmarks (Munchkin doesn’t know who Lady Gaga is but my husband had taken photos of the singer which he had printed on paper and she uses them for cutting and sticking and making crafts with…very 2010);
  • flying daddy’s toy helicopter (it’s a good thing we don’t have any breakable ornaments);
  • doing yoga;
  • napping;
  • taking photos*** (nothing new there).

I have also (finally) finished Eclipse and am almost halfway through Breaking Dawn. I can’t wait to finish it so I can start writing again! I don’t know why but I can’t write if I’m reading. I know, it beats me too.

***these are some of the latest photos my husband took at home…I guess spending all our free time surrounded by dolls could only lead to this.



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  1. I am ALWAYS humming the Charlie and Lola theme. It’s just so catchy.:) Love the lady gaga bookmarks. Hope munchkin feels better soon! It’s no fun being sick in the heat.

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