This past week

I’m slacking again. I apologise (also for missing the Embrace the Camera challenge yet again) but we’ve been busy …

watching shooting stars on the beach (in pitch darkness) and spotting ten satellites in the process...
singing into anything remotely resembling a microphone, including snorkels...
playing with anything with a remote control...
playing hairdressers (and using every. single. hairclip in the house)...
fooling around with friends (i.e. living in each other's pockets)...
but most of all, we've been carrying around the prettiest fan there ever was, trying to keep ourselves cool in this scorching heat.


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  1. You’re hair looks fabulous daaaahling! You have a very talented hair stylist. Ah, to see shooting stars….

  2. She really is a darling and that is the cutest little fan!

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