Too fast

Today was another milestone for the little lady of the family. Up until she was two there used to be a milestone every other day, then every week, then every few weeks and then she became a little girl. A not so little girl, actually. She has always looked older than her age, as has her best friend and also all of my nieces and nephews. My family are all tall, except for me. But this isn’t about height. What I was saying was that she’s always looked older than her age but lately I had finally managed to keep in mind that she is only five. I sometimes expect too much of her and tend to forget she hasn’t even started proper school yet (that will change in a month, but that’s another blog post altogether). Then comes this:


Today she lost her third tooth and I was shocked, even though I knew it was wobbly. I was sort of hoping it would take a few more days to come off. Not that a few more days would have changed anything…she’d still be only five. Five! All the persons I spoke to said their kids had started losing the top teeth at seven or eight years. So we went to the dentist. He said her teeth were fine, although the new ones might crowd a little until her face grows enough to make enough space for all the new ones, but otherwise they were growing well. A little too well. The back molars, which are permanent, are already out and the first two she had lost have now been replaced. He said with her it was all a bit fast. I just hope it’s only her teeth that are growing fast. On days like this I miss the little baby she used to be.

Singing Jingle Bells in August...surreal.

Anyway, since she had earned enough stickers on her chart (she gets a sticker for every night she doesn’t wake me up at 3am, which had recently become a nightly occurrence) and behaved better than most grownups at the dentist’s, I decided she deserved a treat, which became a handful of treats. First there was the ride on the musical truck (which was playing Jingle Bells!), then there was the chocolate muffin given to her by the coffee shop owner where we stopped for a snack and then came the very sweet (and not so cheap) handbag from Monsoon. Oh, and we also got a Hello Kitty pencil and a giraffe print pencil, because a girl can never have enough pencils.

Now we are off to brush the fallen tooth twice, hoping to impress the tooth fairy. We are hoping it will fetch the €4.50 we need to buy the bangles we have reserved at Monsoon.



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  1. Oh that is early! But I bet it’s fun to play tooth fairy. I am looking forward to it. I just hope it’s not next year! Wow. She is such a cutie. 🙂

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