Princesses afloat

First off, I would like to thank all of you who live in the civilised world and offered to send us the Charlie and Lola stuff. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! I was never short of friends and consider myself to be very lucky in this respect but I never imagined I could form new friendships through this humble little blog. I love you girls!

Second, we’ve finally done some swimming! Yes, in the sea. Unbelievable but true. In fact, we might even go again in an hour or so. Our favourite place to go (apart from my sister’s pool, which is always jellyfish-free) is Dwejra, an inland sea which is also a tourist attraction. We usually go at around 5pm when it’s quieter and Munchkin and her friend (they’re going to really miss each other when she has to move back to the other island for winter) can pretend it’s their giant swimming pool.

I wanted to write more but I really can’t…there are two little ladies about to put on the show of the century and I’ve been appointed official videographer! I’m thrilled!


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  1. i love their matching towels!!! they’re such adorable little girls 🙂

    also, you’re most welcome! x

  2. that second picture is so awesome.. it should be titled ‘bond’ or ‘friendship’ or something cliche like that but oh so true !!

  3. we took the hint and took the girls to Dwejra on Sunday. I’m linking this post to my post of today. XX

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