Evening on the sand

Yesterday we did not manage to go to swim. Instead, we did something even better.

I will never be grateful enough for how different my husband’s mind works from mine. For someone who loves fairy tales and is always making up stories in her mind, I really lack imagination. He, on the other hand, can whip up a meal out of the few items left in the fridge after the weekend, invents games that keep kids entertained for hours on end and also has the best ideas for outings. Case in point was last night. While I tried to entertain two very restless 5 year olds in our living room (I wish I could post pictures of our ‘show of the century’ but I’d never show my face outside the house again since a fair share of the photos are of me showing off some embarrassing dance moves), faces dripping with sweat and clothes clinging to us, he went to buy some food and half an hour later we were at the beach.

We didn’t swim but it was almost nicer like that. The sun was setting, there was a breeze and we could see the full moon rising from behind the sand dunes. It was magical. We had a barbecue going, the playlist from our wedding playing on the iPod (mostly French music and some Michael Buble’) and an entertainer (a very patient uncle Simon). It was bliss.

We never sunbathe but moonbathing never hurt anyone, right? We found the umbrella on the beach and used it to hang some camping lights to...until its owner reclaimed it.
The entertainment centre.
Uncle Simon, entertainer extraordinaire.



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  1. We used to love doing that! We used to buy a couple of pizzas from the nearby restaurant, a bottle of wine, listen to music and gaze at the stars! The beach used to be quite empty and it was magical 🙂

  2. ah what fun :-)))))

    Rich doesn’t like going out much. He wouldn’t even come with me to the village festa so I don’t get to do a lot of this kind of stuff in Gozo :-(((((((

  3. We do Saint George’s feast because nearly all the places we hang out at are in Victoria, so we’re unofficially at the festa 🙂 I haven’t been to my feast for 4 years, but we might pop by this Sunday just to meet up with my friends and have a drink together. I don’t like the crowds, the noise and the hype of it all. Each for his own I guess!

  4. The looks like a wonderful way to spend the evening. I love missing the crowds. Looks like the girls loved it too. 🙂

  5. the first picture looks like paradise. sigh. lucky girl you are 🙂

    and thanks for the encouragement about favorite foods friday and yes if you’re interested i’ll be happy to ship wherever you are! just email me

    favoritefoodsfriday (at) gmail (dot) com

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