Rolling Stones vs Hannah Montana

Today we are expecting tooth number 4 to finally fall out. She’s spending a lot of time in front of the mirror examining it. It’s been very wobbly for a couple of days and it’s making me anxious. Will it come out in her sleep? Will she swallow it? Will it hurt her? I don’t tell her any of this and pretend to be excited about the tooth fairy’s next visit. I hate to repeat myself but really, isn’t this all a bit too fast? Some days I literally ache for the baby she used to be not so long ago.

Now she’s a little girl (though I wouldn’t dare call her ‘little’ if she was within earshot). With this stage come new exciting things and a different kind of relationship. The following are some of my favourite new things:

  • she’s suddenly very keen on helping me with the housework. She has always been helpful but it’s now reached a new level. Yesterday she spent an hour ‘cleaning’ our bedroom and bathroom (i.e. rearranging every shampoo bottle symmetrically and straightening the magazines on the bedside tables), the other day she literally polished the hob and she has been insisting that I stay at the table after lunch until she takes everything to the kitchen (and complains if her dad leaves anything outside the dishwasher). I’m not complaining.
The little cleaner at work. I swear she begged me to allow her to do it!
  • yesterday I took out her Rolling Stones t-shirt for her to wear and she told me it wasn’t ‘amazing’ enough and she wanted to wear something very amazing (her words). I stared blankly at her and then tried to explain how cool it was for her to have a Rolling Stones t-shirt at her age. Her reply was “Huh, I don’t care. A t-shirt of Hannah Montana would be more amazing. She is amazing!”. So it’s the Hannah Montana phase already…
  • she recently had her first sleepover at her friend. The first time she slept without me somewhere that wasn’t her bed or her grandma’s. We missed each other a lot but we made it.
  • she insists on doing everything herself. The latest job she has taken over is doing her hair. She is desperate to learn how to pull it up in a pony tail by herself. I tried to explain countless times that she’s still too small to be able to do it but she insists and so I let her. My mother would be horrified.
  • speaking of hair, she is suddenly interested in trying new hairstyles. This is no mean feat coming from this little lady…she’s the human version of Lola (yes you guessed it…of Charlie and Lola) and was the only girl in her class to always have messy hair with no hairband and clips to keep it tidy. Her favourite current style is the tri-pigtail (pigtails with an extra ponytail at the back).
She has even shown an interest in the betting pages of the newspaper! Actually what she said was “I am reading the footballers”.

There is still a little of baby left in her, though. Two nights ago she kept me awake from 3am till 5am (which is when my husband came back from work and took over), at which point I had to get up to start the day anyway. So we made a deal. She could not have me with her all night and she couldn’t wake me up every time she did during the night. Instead of a very irritable me, she clung all night to a small pillow sprayed with my perfume.

I know she clung to it all night because I woke up to check on her about six times during the night. I still didn’t sleep through the night but it was my fault this time. She tossed and turned but never called me.  I wonder when I will start sleeping through the night without worrying about her.



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  1. This post has got to be the most adorable ever. There is so much love pouring out through your words. & how I laughed at her “amazing” t-shirt comment lolol xx

    • if you have a girl you’ll be able to relate in about 5 yrs…she’s really adorable and so funny because she takes herself so seriously! i am still shocked at how fast her character is changing though. i guess i’ll get used to it in time. and yes, she wanted to wear something amazing. *rolls eyes*

  2. beautiful post! Maia is growing up but you’ll always be her mummy and I guess we just need to get used to never sleep through the night anymore for thinking about our kids. take care 🙂

  3. That picture of her in the cafe, reading about the footballers, in that dress….way too cute! She does look very serious. What is it with Hannah Montana? My little girl wasn’t even in school yet and we don’t get cable, but she somehow knew who she was and always pointed out the balloons with her picture on them at the grocery store. Love love love that she has a Rolling Stones tshirt. And what a good little helper she is.

    • she’s really enjoying pretending to be a grownup so everything she imitates us in is taken very seriously. today her dad cleared most of the table after lunch and she got really upset because she felt he was treating her like a baby. and about hannah montana…it’s marketing i guess! maia has become more aware of her because of her jazz dancing as they use some of her music. bleugh.

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