Number 4 comes out in style

Yesterday I wrote about how Munchkin is suddenly thinking of herself as a big girl, and acting as one (most of the time). Well, a few things she did yesterday impressed me. My friend dropped her off at the shop just before I was closing and she wanted a snack. She wouldn’t wait until I closed and insisted that I give her money so she could go herself to the supermarket across the hall from our shop. After arguing with her for a couple of minutes I gave in. She was very upset that I wouldn’t trust her to go alone. Her precise words were “Don’t you know I’m not a baby anymore?! Don’t you know I’m a big girl now?”. Yes I had noticed.

So with a coin in her hand and my instructions to get something healthy, she marched towards the supermarket only to come back to ask me if I meant she should get a cereal bar. I decided to be less anal and told her to choose whatever she wanted and she ran off. I closed the shop as quickly as I could and followed her with camera in hand (I’m pathetic but I couldn’t help myself). And there she was, looking over the sweets section with a look of someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. The employees there all know her and were trying to help but she refused all suggestions and chose what she wanted. A wafer. I must confess that I checked its label for hydrogenated fats and E-numbers later but at least I managed to wait till she wasn’t looking.

I managed to take this picture of little miss examining the sweets section without her noticing me. In the background is an employee offering her advice, which Munchkin ignored.

Later in the afternoon we joined our friends who are spending the weekend in the best hotel on this island (thanks Dorothy!). She jumped on the beds with her friend singing Hannah Montana songs (what else?), we swam, we laughed, we wrapped ourselves up in the fluffiest of bath robes and then we went to dinner. Half way through her plate of pasta her eyes opened wide…the wobbly tooth had finally come out! She gave it to me, we took a couple of pictures to show Papa and then went back to her food! And this is the second thing that impressed me. She was so calm and in control of herself. Her friend, who hasn’t lost any teeth yet, was in awe. So was I.



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  1. Wow! She is big! I would have done the same thing you did.

  2. She’s so cute! Her ‘adventures’ make having kids seem not that scary too me… in fact I’m looking forward to it (eventually) ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. ๐Ÿ™‚ that’s one of the best compliments i ever received giselle, even if it wasn’t meant as one!

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