The last two days…

…we’ve been eating pancakes for lunch…

…we’ve been spending time with cute cousins…

(and nicking their LV bag)

…we’ve invested in more Monsoon goodies, courtesy of the tooth fairy…

(and we've been trying new hairstyles too)

…it has FINALLY started cooling down! I couldn’t be happier!



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  1. I am hoping it will remain this cool… but you know, we cannot be THAT lucky… I bet you it will get hot soon again.

  2. lol I have always fount that ‘shut up’ to be so strange lol… it works mostly when you say it in person though, so they can see your open mouth and eyes…… noowaaaaaaayyy shuutt upppp hehe 🙂

  3. Does that LV belong to that little girl?! *wide eyed look*

    ps LOVING the new hairstyle! 😉 xx

    • yes clare, she has an LV! i’ll never own one myself and she got it on her first birthday. her wardrobe is also laden with designer clothes! 🙂 both my sister and i are very keen on fashion but my sister takes it a notch higher. 😉

      i love the new hairstyle too! she was sweet enough to eat.

  4. Denim outfits, LV bags, gold bangles and shopping bags – I’m officially jealous of your little girl hehe 🙂

  5. Lol they’re so adorable together xxx

  6. actually the LV was for her christening 🙂 she was just a month old. In the photo it’s like she is saying…hey thats mine! 😀 but munchkin can have it anytime 😛

  7. Pancakes for lunch, what a sensible girl!

  8. pancakes for lunch and cousins and a mini lois what could be better 😉

  9. Yay for cooler weather! And I love Munchkin’s new do! And I say shut up to my girl friends all the time. The american film reference made me laugh. 🙂

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