Not again!

Good Monday morning dear friends! The whole island is a little shocked this morning. Last night four persons died in a horrific fireworks factory explosion on this island. Two more are in danger of dying and almost all the victims were from the same family (with one woman being pregnant). I was on the larger island celebrating my goddaughter’s birthday but apparently the whole island was rocked. This isn’t the first time that such explosions happened here and every time it’s shocking but, frankly, we’ve had enough. I won’t go into this matter any further. I can only say that if something is not done by the powers that be, a lot more lives are going to be lost for senseless noisy fireworks displays lasting a few minutes.

Coincidentally the explosion happened in the area we like to go for walks in (of which I posted a photo yesterday). Scary.

In other news, I am pregnant! I’m not actually, but according to around 16 persons (and counting) who approached me, my mother and my sister over the weekend I am. At this point I’m considering two options: do I tell everyone I actually am expecting and thank them very much for their wishes or do I really get pregnant just so I don’t have to disappoint them any longer? Decisions decisions…



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  1. 5th one died yesterday :-s. Can you imagine the mother? Her husband, 2 sons, daughter in law and son in law and unborn grandchild are dead !!!! Omg…how does a person continue living after that !!!!!!!

    As for you apparently looking pregnant, I am going to try and show you how to approach it from a more positive angle.

    From the last photos you posted, you look pretty thin so perhaps if your tummy is jutting out a wee bit people think you are pregnant because the rest of you is small?? hehe. People would not think I am pregnant because the rest of me is big so they know I am just …. fat pretty much. My sister-in-law is quite slender but she has a bit of a pouch and sometimes I think she might be pregnant again (I do not tell her obviously) but it’s not because she is fat but it is because she is thin!!!

    I don’t know if i am making sense but I tried LOL :-))

    • are they sure he died? i’m trying not to cry…his wife is a childhood friend of mine. their daughter turned 5 on the day of the explosion! i can’t make sense of all this.

      as for the pregnancy bit…yes i get your point. i think it’s because people are used to seeing me look slimmer. i’ve put on a total of 6 kilos since i got married so it figures. having said that, my sister told me my behind looks like a black woman’s. i had to laugh! 😀

  2. What a tragedy! The poor poor mother/wife – may God be with her at this awful time.

  3. This is such a tragedy and such a waste of life!

    Yes – I think you should get a move on and get pregnant 😉

  4. This is so sad. I had no idea that this was a problem. Tragic.

    • yes, it’s our country’s plague. it’s very complex and not easy to understand the mediterranean psyche i’m afraid. i myself find it hard to digest the craziness associated with the summer festas and the fireworks but it all seems to be an integral part of our culture unfortunately.

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