Lucky birthday

Happy holiday to all fellow islanders! I had to work anyway this morning but at least got to come back home earlier than usual. I am sorry I haven’t updated this space for a few days but I couldn’t find any words to write except for some very sad ones. I won’t go into it again because it’s too painful. I just ask all of you to say a prayer for the families of the victims and to send good thoughts their way. God knows they need them right now.

On a brighter note, this Sunday my dear goddaughter Clara celebrated her lucky birthday with a Strawberry Shortcake themed party. She is all of 5 years old now (and talks like a forty year old, I swear!). This girl has a special place in my heart. Not only is she my best friends’ daughter but she is also my own daughter’s best friend and I’ve known her since she was still a dream for her parents. I took some crappy photos of my own but thought I’d share a couple of decent ones which the hubby took. These are two of my favourites:

2 best friends + a sea of balloons = lots of fun
our very own Kat von D


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  1. It’s so beautiful that they are now best friends too. It’s the stuff great stories are made of 🙂

    Love that first pic! xx

  2. Clara is such a sweet name. Looks like a great party!

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