Pros and Cons


  • I’m still battling with the limestone dust at home;
  • my car battery died on me today, stranding me and the little one at lunchtime (cue hunger pangs and short tempers) and blowing my budget for this month;
  • I’m feeling extremely sluggish;
  • we no longer have the use of the roof so I’m drying the clothes indoors for now. I hate seeing laundry hanging inside.


  • the princess is finally back home after two weeks staying at her grandparents. This means less to-ing and fro-ing, more quality time together and not missing her like I was;
  • my car battery died after 8 years. The guy from the breakdown service was amazed. Apparently they usually last 3-4 years (the batteries, not the breakdown service guys);
  • it’s raining outside;
  • the husband isn’t working nights this week = we can have dinner together and exchange more than a total of 10 words before one of us had to rush out the door again;
  • we got our wedding photos! FINALLY! (more on this to follow).



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  1. Oh that limestone dust is a killer isn’t it! Good luck xxx

    Those grey skies are usually reserved for England! I guess we’ve switched weather for the past couple of days because it’s a beautiful and slightly warm day here!!

  2. That’s one kick-ass car battery hehe. It’s also lovely to have your hubby home in the evenings. I saw his post about summer imsieken it’s brutal for them there. Thankfully weekends will be a bit calmer in Gozo now.

    Love the pic of the kid & the flowers in her hair. Gorgeous 😉

  3. Limestone dust? Sounds awful. It’s so nice when everyone is home in the evenings, isn’t it? Love Munchkin’s pony. Too cute!

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