Wedding invitation…our story

About a year ago I was freaking out. My then fiance’ was as calm and collected as ever while we faced obstacle upon obstacle in the printing and preparation of our wedding invitations. Being unconventional in all we do, we decided to have the invitation as a ‘sleeve’ to a dvd. The dvd contained the slideshow above. Since most of our respective extended families didn’t know our story and some were probably surprised at our seeming haste in tying the knot, we decided to tell them our story and at the same time have a keepsake for ourselves. All the photos in the slideshow were taken by our wedding photographer Jessica Moritz. She’s the sweetest (and best looking) photographer on the islands and is obviously just as talented. Enjoy!

PS – The music is all Regina Spektor’s (who happens to be one of our favourite singers and whom we saw together at Glastonbury last year) and Samson, the first song, is our song.



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  1. I absolutely love this! A truly original idea, the pictures are so full of love and every one makes you smile! And I have to download this album because the songs featured are beautiful!

  2. What a great idea… and SUCH beautiful photos! Then again the three of you are the ideal subjects. Those photos could be straight out of a magazine. Great story, so glad you’re happy 🙂

  3. It’s amazing! Really lovely story 🙂

  4. That was really beautiful. You look like a movie star. Now I’m curious about the ferry story.

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