The riddle

Hello guys, I’m back! I’m terrible at shutting up and have missed this space so much that it’s started to affect my wellbeing. I am serious. I am of the belief that one should express themselves and never bottle up feelings and not having this little space to use as outlet has really got me down. So I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and get along with it!

Some of you might be wondering what I’m on about. I’ll give you a list of the things that have happened since I last wrote and I’m sure you’ll get the gist of it:

  • I’ve put on four kilos;
  • I’ve had to drop out of this year’s opera performance, much to my frustration;
  • my camera has been out of charge for a month now (hence the photo nicked from my husband);
  • my hair is now half brown, half orange…my roots are about three inches long;
  • I haven’t eaten a proper meal in four weeks;
  • I’m still recovering from a cold I caught two weeks ago…because I couldn’t have any medicines;
  • we’ve had to cancel our trip to the UK planned for next June.

I’ll leave it to you clever people to come to your conclusions. A plus tard!

photo by george saguna


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  1. It sounds as though life is really hectic and trying for you at the moment. Its “funny” how life creeps up on us and sometimes rears its head, bringing us to a startling halt. Ugh. I may be jumping to conclusions trying to piece the bits of information together on this one haha, but with canceling the trip etc as you mentioned are you expecting another little one next June? If so, congrats! If not, well it just proves I put the wrong pieces together haha

  2. I’m in agreement with Angela who posted above 🙂 So big congrats if that’s the case!

    Now, book yourself in for a hair appointment, go out and have yourself a nice lunch (so that you don’t have to cook) and pop into a pharmacy and ask what you can take for your cold. Perhaps even if you up your vitamin C it might help.

    And welcome back 🙂

  3. 🙂

    I dyed my hair once I was past 12 weeks… there’s no evidence that it’s harmful after that (or even before really but I didn’t want to risk it). You need to feel a bit pretty!

    And please keep posting ♥ thinking of you x

  4. I know! I know! 😉 Congratulations once again. Check with your doc, but this should be fine – boil a lemon, a grapefruit and and onion in a big pot of water for an hour or more and drink the broth. I swear by it. It just cleared up a nasty cold in a day and a half. No joke. Welcome back!

  5. Those symptoms sound all too familiar!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am soooo very happy for you guys!!!

    Mark is in Malta at the moment, you might want to sms him to let him know – he will be happy to hear it from you! He is using his Maltese number.

    A big hug to the whole family!
    How exciting!! I can’t stop smiling 🙂

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Aaah! I know d symptoms!! Congrats and God bless d growing family!! 😉

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