On the mend?

Today I’m back at the shop, with my sister on standby in case the pain in my head makes a comeback. So far so good. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope to make some sales. I might complain about the weirdos we sometimes get here but I still love selling. There’s a thrill to it that you never get used to and Christmas time is the most exciting time sales-wise.

Other good news is that the nausea finally seems to be fading away. I only got mild indigestion the past couple of days* which allowed me to actually speak and walk after 5pm. Now that I’m starting to feel human again, I plan on doing some baking (Munchkin wants to make muffins and I’m dead set on producing industrial amounts of my ‘famous’ mince pies this year). I also think it’s time I started wearing makeup again. Lately I just could not be bothered and have been sporting a squeaky clean face. I avoid mirrors and reflective surfaces and I’m fine. However, I think it’s time I started making an effort for my husband. He’s had enough to put up with and the least I can do is at least try to look pretty for him.

Talking about appearances, I can’t wait to dye my hair red again. It still is red but a dull coppery colour mixed with my natural brown. I’m not keen on it all and I feel really frumpy. My dear hairdresser, being a mum of two herself and very maternal in her approach (even though she’s 10 years my junior), is reluctant to slather dye all over my head while I’m pregnant. I do understand her concern but all the articles I’ve read about the matter state that it’s perfectly safe. Dear friends, what do you think? I need to convince her as soon as possible or I’ll end up like this for the next 6 months!


This is my favourite shade (hated by my mum and sister). This photo was taken 6 months ago. *sigh*

* My apologies for sharing a little too much at times, but this space still is my diary of sorts! 🙂


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  1. As far as I know it depends on the chemicals used, tipo ammonia u ekk..

  2. I didn’t dye my hair at all when I was pregnant with Abby. It looked awful! And I discovered that I have a LOT of grey. I’ve been coloring my hair for 15 years and I have no idea when it happened. Anyway, after that I decided that if I have another, I am dying my hair! I won’t do it durring the first 3 months and I won’t do it as often. I figure I could get away with once every 2-3 months which would only be 2-3 times durring the pregnancy. I’m pretty sure that’s fine. You could always go back to your natural color (which is also lovely) for the rest of the pregnancy and go back to red after. That would only be once. You might be able to convince your stylist to do that. You’re out of the first trimester now, so I think whatever you decide is fine. It’s important for you to feel good too. 🙂

  3. Was not *allowed* to colour my hair while I was pregnant, but then again before I had kids I didn’t have grey hair!

  4. There’s no evidence that says it’s dangerous. I stayed away during the first 3 months just in case, but have dyed it twice since then!

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