A very Lotta Christmas

Christmas Day has come and gone and I’m still digesting the food I ate these past four days! I hope you had a very happy day spent with your family and friends. Ours was almost perfect (the husband had to work most of it).

On Christmas Eve we went to our friends for the usual party. Maia got to wear her frilly party dress and was squealing “I can’t wait!” just like Lola would have all the way there. When Father Christmas arrived, the whole house turned silent. The children knew what was coming next (and the adults were all secretly giggling). When it was Maia’s turn, she sat quietly beside him and listened as he praised her for learning to control her urge to annihilate a roll of toilet paper every visit to the bathroom, for helping around the house and for her excellent work at school. So far so good. Then it was time for the one thing she has to work on this year. He warned her that if she did not stop screaming (she recently took to screaming every few seconds, especially if she’s playing with her father and it drives me up the wall), she would soon damage her ears. It took one sentence from the guy for her to lose the piercing cries. She hasn’t screamed once since Christmas Eve! The present he gave her that evening was Lotta. Seeing the expression on her face when she ripped the wrapping and caught a glimpse of the doll is something I’ll remember for a long time. She could not believe her eyes and was so happy that everyone had to go and see what was causing all the excitement. Lotta hasn’t left her side since and our daughter talks to her as if she were a real girl. She shows her how to brush her teeth, explains that her uncles are just hers and not the doll’s, shows her around new places and generally discusses every single thing with her little friend. If she happens to leave her in another room, she calls out to her, half expecting a reply from the doll! Of all the fancy gifts she received, a simple rag doll is the one that truly made her happy. It goes to show how much we overestimate the value of expensive gifts.

Talking of which, I got not one, but two expensive presents this year! One of them is a new mobile phone which was not exactly a necessity as my old one was working fine (although it did go dead on me mid-call occasionally and wasn’t very user-friendly) and the other one is something I’ve been secretly coveting for the past year. I finally got a Kindle! Like Maia with Lotta, my beloved Kindle hasn’t left my side since Christmas. My husband thinks I’m a total nerd (and I must agree with him) but knows that reading is to me what photography is to him. He’s one amazing husband, that’s for sure.

Presents and overeating apart, this Christmas was also special because it will be the last one with only one child. I still can’t imagine being able to love anyone else as much as I love my daughter but know that it will happen. My mother loves all four of us equally and her own loved thirteen just as equally (yes, 13!) as other mothers do with their own so I won’t be an exception. If I have to be honest, amid all the fears I have of starting afresh with a new baby and of not having enough love for another person (unfounded as these fears might be), I am starting to look forward to meeting the little wiggler. I think it’s about time I did, too.

And, in honour of Lotta and her friends Charlie and Lola, here’s one of our favourite episodes. You might understand just why Lotta is so special:



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  1. Lotta is Abby’s favorite too. 🙂 And she watched this episode over and over right after she started preschool because she had just made a best friend too. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! I can only imagine that next Christmas will be twice as magical. Enjoy the Kindle!

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