Time to move

I think the time has come for me to become a little more active and make the most of the little one’s holidays. My husband has been taking her for long walks, climbing and taking photos in the countryside while I stay at home catching up on the ironing/reading/writing or nursing a headache. Next time they go somewhere I’ll make an effort and drag myself off the sofa. I’ll try.

This was taken yesterday at Ramla Bay where they met other friends of ours. I was home sweeping the floor. 😦

Today we’ve got our monthly visit with the gynecologist. What I love about this doctor is the fact that he always does a scan. I’ve got a whole album brimming with scan photos of Maia while I was carrying her. We’ve got some photos of number 2 as well but I have yet to organise them the way I had done the first time. In any case, I can’t wait to see him/her. A month ago we could already see a fully formed baby stretching its (very long) legs and touching its face. I am also slightly concerned I might be too big for 17 weeks (I’m sorry but no photos have been taken yet!). People keep commenting on how big I am and I am becoming overly self-conscious. I also read that it’s normal to suddenly put on weight at this point of the pregnancy, even if you don’t overeat. I’ve written a list of questions for the poor doctor and I’m checking it twice. Let’s hope all is good.

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