On being more flexible

Some days it’s okay to leave the laundry hanging outside till it gets wet again with dew.

And a sink full of dirty dishes.

And the laundry room’s floor completely covered with dirty clothes.

And the beds still undone.

If what you get in return is precious time with the two persons who make your world go round, then it’s all worth it.

She was still in her school uniform but that didn't keep her from sliding every which way possible.

He was just checking how sturdy the red car was, honestly! (not)
Homework was dealt with in the car while daddy took photos in the countryside (for a change).


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  1. I agree 100%! Don’t even get me started about the state of the laundry in my house. Dishes too. But life is short and bedtime comes early. And they don’t stay 4 (or 5 – Maia is 5 right?) forever.

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