Things they are a-changin’

Just a quick hello and wishes for a happy and productive day. May the next 24 hours be full of laughter, love and good food for all of you!

And many thanks to those of you who sent messages. Things are looking up (and I’m starting to be able to look in all directions myself! Hurray!).

5 thoughts on “Things they are a-changin’

    • thanks clare! and you know what? you’re right. i was so miserable these past few days that even though i’m still in pain, it’s like i wasn’t. and it’s spurred me to take better care of myself.

  1. So glad to hear things are looking up. It’s hard to feel good about anything when you are in pain. And having to take your child to the ER is so scary! I’m glad Maia is fine too.

    And thank you so much for the lovely birthday wish! It is indeed nice to know you have kindred spirits half way around the world!

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