Zooming out

These past few weeks (months, even) have been trying. Most of the time I have felt overwhelmed by everything around me. Call it hormones, call it negativity…it still felt like I was walking around with a dark cloud hanging over me. Life is what it is, it throws the good and the bad at you. The only difference between happy and unhappy people is their attitude. I used to be a far more positive person than I am now but the older I get, the more difficult it is for me to look at the bright side.

A good cup of tea can also do wonders to one's outlook on life. Angelina the Mouse knows that.

So I have decided to zoom out. If all of us had to zoom out and look at our lives as a whole instead of focusing on particular episodes or periods, then all of us would be grateful. This is the view when I zoom out on my life:

  • I’ve had a happy childhood and have a great (and large) family;
  • I am blessed with friends who are as good as (if not better than) family;
  • I thought I’d never have children and yet I will soon be a mum to two;
  • I definitely never imagined I’d meet someone whom I loved so much I’d want to spend my life with, but I did;
  • I have a home. It might still be very bare and light years away from the way I would like it to look, but it’s home;
  • I’ve never in my life gone hungry (you can say that again!);
  • I might have a cold and a painful neck but I am not bed-bound or forced to stay in hospital.

There is so much more I am grateful for but what’s listed above is what really counts.

How about you? What do you see when you zoom out?



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  1. Yes 🙂 as you said to me I will say to you. Good attitude. You have so much awesome stuff happening to you even right now. Sure we will have bad times but you know what? We deal! I do sincerely believe that every cloud has a silver lining.

    You’re going to be a mummy again with the love of your life. I mean, if that isn’t awesome nothing is 🙂

    *lots of huggles*


  2. Before reading this post I was gloomy, very gloomy… in fact I was still in bed. But upon reading this post I said to myself; ok I start exams tomorrow – so why the hell I am lying in bad thinking about my problems when when looking back at the past I have managed to prove to many that I can pass and even excel in my exams.
    I am rarely positive in my life always thinking that there is only bad misfortune in my life. Ironically enough I do then believe that time changes things and in some way or another situations might take a twist to my advantage.
    So i decided to take a shower and think things over, think of what changed in my life throughout these last 19 years (jeezzz soon 2decades :/ loool) and I must say that many good things have happened in my life -parents have accepted me and our relationship is in a mysterious way improving.

    I was putting myself low because am afraid of what is going to happen tomorrow, will i ever find true love, will I ever make it to be a good lawyer, will I ever truly accept life as it is and learn to handle problems in a more efficient way! But who knows whats in-store for us in the future. We are in the hands of faith and of what we manage to achieve in the present 🙂

    You instigated me to think a lot this morning, which instigation has led me to set my priorities and concentrate and live today and not think about tomorrow. I should live the present with a positive mood and only look at the future with a glimmer of hope that things will be better than they are today!!

    thanks maur

  3. true so true.. and am realising that I wrote more words in both Alison’s and your blog than you yourself wrote.. heheh nahseb kelli bzonn nizvoga..

  4. Agree 100%! I have always had a positive attitude but find it slightly more work to keep up as I get older. I think maybe things weigh more heavily now. Who knows. i still always try to look at the bright sideof things. And it’s true, when you look at your life as a whole, it dwarfs the little things. When I zoom out I see a wonderful husband, an amazing daughter, great friends, a smallish but cozy home in a city I love, in fact there is nowhere on earth I would rather live, and while we don’t have lots of money, it is expensive here and we are able to live nice comfortable lives. Thanks for the reminder!

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