Killing time

Good morning!It’s my favourite kind of weather outside – grey and drizzling – so it’s looking promising. Today will be Maia’s 10th day at home, recovering from a cough that turned into an infection (which is the reason I got sick again). The poor girl is bored out of her mind and can’t wait to go back to school and for walks and outings. In the meantime, we’re trying to kill time as best we can but it’s not easy entertaining a five year old without resorting to television programmes. I try to keep the TV off in the morning and we only switch it on when we’ve run out of other things to do or if I need to do something without being interrupted every five seconds (like the two hour nap I had yesterday!). Here’s how we’ve been spending our days:

We play games. Charlie and Lola’s Snakes & Ladders is a favourite but she’s slowly getting tired of that too.
She's catching up on the schoolwork which the school has kindly passed on. I am very proud to say that she is starting to read whole books (aimed for first readers, obviously) and can write (in Maltese) without any help. 🙂
She's playing a lot more with her dolls. Naturally, Lotta is always her favourite and her best.
We draw and do collages. This is our favourite of the recent ones. We took the liberty to give birth to the baby. She insists it will be a boy.
We look at this flower and long to go out in the fields again some time soon.

Any suggestions are welcome! It looks like we’ve still got another long week indoors.



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  1. She is really good at drawing !!!! I am impressed.

    As for ideas…. hmmm making costumes? Dressing up and ummm role playing or something hehe. Making a play for daddy? hehe

    Do a search on google or for ‘Mother Daughter fun activities at home’ or something like that. I am sure there are bound to be a multitude of ideas. 🙂

  2. It’s good quality time together though – look at it that way 🙂

    Maybe some arts and crafts? Making a scrapbook of her favourite pictures from old magazines? (I used to LOVE cutting things up and gluing them to things lol). I like Alison’s dressing up idea too – that was another fave of mine, would keep my sis & I going for hours.

    Get well soon, the both of you! xx

    • i like the scrapbook idea…she used to make ‘books’ about subjects she’d choose. she’s got one about flowers, another about fruit, another with her family…i think something along those lines but in the form of a scapbook would be interesting.

  3. That is a LONG time to be sick and indoors! Boooooo! Anyway, for ideas: If you feel up to it, baking is good. Tea party, treasure hunt, play eye spy out the window, make up stories, puppet shows, homemade play dough, playing with soapy water in the kitchen sink (this keeps Abby busy FOREVER), dress up fashion show, make overs (Abby goes nuts when I let her put make up on me – she always goes for the green eyeshadow), and hide and seek with the dolls are all fun.

    How exciting that she can read and write now! What a smarty!

    • thanks for all the ideas bronwyn! and you’re right, we’ve been sick far too long but apparently it’s common with the bug that’s going round the islands. we’ll just have to wait it out and make the most of our time together.

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