Cold weekend days

Winter has finally reached our shores and this weekend was one of the coldest this year. When I say cold, I mean freezing cold. We are plagued with high levels of humidity here so 20 degrees can feel like 10, at least in our flat. It got so cold and rainy this weekend that we were forced to stay indoors most of Saturday. So we took the opportunity to give the six little mice a welcome tea and cheese party.

Each little mouse was given a cupcake and a piece of one of Maia’s favourite cheeses. Their table manners were excellent! 
Squeak, Maia’s favourite mouse (which is seriously competing with Lotta for the position of Favourite and Best Soft Toy) didn’t leave her side.

We also played shop. I was impressed by Maia’s selling techniques and her impeccable customer service.

We made it just in time for the grand opening of the shop. There was the cutting of the ribbon…
…and welcome finger food.


The selection of all things sparkly and cute was too much to resist. We spent all our money on bracelets, rings and miniature puppies.
We were even given hand-written receipts.


These sunglasses were a steal at 5c. He just had to have them!


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  1. LOL WHAT FUN !!!! ;-)))

  2. hahaha love the mini sunnies!

    Maia’s grown so much lately!

  3. How cool. I guess she got her selling skills from seeing you working at the shop!

  4. Can I be invited next time lol 🙂 Looked like fun xxx

  5. That’s such fun! I used to play shop with my cousin in my nanna’s garden only we’d sell stones and leaves as potatoes and vegetables 🙂

  6. you brought to mind so many happy memories of when my cousin and I sold hand made souvenirs to tourists at the main square in Victoria in the 80s! There was so little to buy back then, that a few tourists brought from us!!!

  7. Sooo cute and fun! I would totally buy that rainbow necklace!

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