Celebrating Koukla’s 6th

I have to admit that I have shed a lot of tears these past few days. They were tears of gratitude, happiness and nostalgia for the baby Maia once was. The following are a few pictures from celebrations we held in the little one’s honour.

The celebrations started on Saturday with a party with her closest friends. Note the manic grin and flushed cheeks…clear signs she was having the best time.
The cake, lovingly made by my very talented sister. Note the tooth both Lotta and Lola are missing. 🙂

This year we decided to invite only her closest friends to her party. There were as many children as if we had invited her whole class, but at least the people there were all close to her and, a couple of minor injuries apart, they all had a blast. A couple of days later we celebrated with her bestest friend who was over from the larger island for a couple of days. We had breakfast together and they spent the rest of the day playing and catching up. Then came Tuesday, her birthday. We had pancakes for breakfast (it happened to be International Pancake Day), she unwrapped our present (a toy pram which has all the functions of a proper one…very expensive but worth it) and that of Uncle Luciano, a dear family friend who lives in Rome and who always spoils her. He bought her Baby Annabell, a doll which cries (with tears), coos, babbles, breathes, sucks her pacifier and drinks from her bottle. I was as mesmerised as her by the new addition.

On her birthday, we went to the larger island. Baby Annabell came with us and was a lot of work.
The weather was chilly but sunny so we went to the largest playground there is on these islands. There was lots of climbing to be done.
Next time we plan to get to the very top of the web (her, not me!).
Then it was time for the highlight of the day…bowling!
Even the monitors were wishing her a happy birthday!
Back on the small island, my parents surprised her with another birthday cake.
Even when she was having a ball running around and playing, she never once forgot about her baby. I think she’ll make a great big sister.


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  1. What fun celebrations! That doll looks amazing. What a good idea with the new baby on the way. She looks so big in the picture with the bowling ball. Wow! And that cake is just perfect! Happy birthday Maia!

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