A special homecoming

Happy Sunday dear readers! Some of you might still be sleeping, trying to catch up on the hour we lost during the night. Not in this house! We’ve been up and running for a few hours and the day is really going to start in about half an hour, when the painter comes to FINALLY get our bedroom painted (cue more dust and backache for the undersigned). Yep, we’re still nesting.

Before I go cover up more furniture, I wanted to give you some fantastic news. Some of you might have already read about Emily in a previous post of mine. She’s the blogger/photographer/mother of four (now five) who started the Embrace the Camera Challenge. She’s right at the top of my list of inspirational people. This weekend her fifth child arrived from Africa. It’s been a long journey with many months of waiting and praying but their daughter Elsa is finally home and, even though I’ve never met this amazing family, I feel like doing a somersault for joy (I obviously can’t and won’t). Welcome home Elsa!


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