Of nesting and resting

A lot has been going on here lately. We’ve been painting walls, nursing a sick daddy, assembling furniture (which finally arrived from Ikea!), sleeping in the living/dining room (our bed has replaced the dining table till works on our room are done), rushing from one dance lesson to the next (Maia, definitely not me) and enjoying the glorious weather we’ve been having. It’s almost 7am and the mad morning rush is about to begin, so I’ll have to leave you with some photos from these past few days. I hope your week is treating you well.

PS – I finally found the right time to read all your lovely comments to Maia. She was beyond flattered and couldn’t believe that so many of you commented on her eyes. She hasn’t said anything about being ‘ugly’ again since then. THANK YOU!



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  1. Re: Maia… so glad to be of help :-)))) XXXX

  2. Daddy’s little helper 🙂 Is it just me, or has she grown so much taller lately?! She seems to have grown up so much since the last time I saw her!!

  3. So glad Maia liked the comments! She really is beautiful. 🙂

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