Week 38

I can’t believe it’s already been 9 days since I last wrote! It feels like I’m living in a parallel universe, drifting between waiting, hoping, stretching, taking care of Maia, waiting, doing laundry, cooking the bare minimum, waiting, hoping, eating ice and sleeping. I have to remind myself to eat because all I can think about is how uncomfortable I feel and how much I love ice. I do, I really really do. I’ve been crushing ice and eating it and buying ice lollies by the box. When I’m not actually eating the stuff, I’m dreaming about it. I even wake up in the middle of the night wondering whether I should visit the freezer (so far I’ve managed to stop myself just in time). This obsession with ice still baffles me. It has intensified over the past couple of weeks and, even though I know that it’s the most common out of the least common cravings in pregnant women (got that?), I still can’t make sense of it. What’s there to gain from ingesting abnormal amounts of frozen water? Dr Internet tells me that some believe it to be linked to low iron levels in the blood but my own doctor thinks it’s all bollocks and that it can’t do any harm. If any of you have more information I’d be very grateful if you shared it with me.

I am now 38 weeks, 2 days pregnant. That means that the baby could come any day, even though the actual due date is 12 days away. 12 DAYS! I cannot quite believe it myself. Having said that, I do look like I was due two months ago, something I am reminded of on a daily basis by friends, acquaintances and total strangers. Honestly, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I see other women who are as big as I am and nobody seems to be shocked at the size of their belly. My dear husband keeps telling me it’s because the rest of me looks normal (as in non-pregnant), so it looks like I have a huge ball attached to my abdomen. I honestly couldn’t care less at this point, even though I feel like an alien wherever I go. The phrase I’ve been hearing most these past few weeks is, “Are you STILL pregnant?!”. Yes, it would seem so. On a positive note, my weight hasn’t shifted in the past 3 weeks, while the baby put on 400 grams just in the past 10 days! I’m no genius at mathematics but my conclusion is that I am actually losing weight, right?

Ze Bump at 38 weeks 1 day, taken yesterday while waiting for yoga class to start.

In other news, I’m falling in love with my daughter all over again. You know when you look at your other half and are hit by a wave of love like you used to feel during the first few months together? Well, it’s happening to me right now, on a daily basis. I do get these moments with my husband, but it’s especially my daughter it’s happening with lately. I keep catching myself staring at her and wondering at her beauty and sweetness (excuse my soppiness but I’m sure I’ll need to remember these moments some time in the future). The other day she lost her 7th tooth. She just walked up to me holding said tooth in her hand, cool as a cucumber. She’s used to it now but I’m still proud of her for being so laid back about it. She’s still the only one of her friends to have lost so many teeth at her age. Her love of dancing has also grown considerably lately. When she’s not reading about ballerinas or watching dancers on TV, she’s dancing all over the place or perfecting some choreography with her friends. It reminds me of how passionate I was about dance when I was younger so all I can do is encourage her.

The other day I found this scrap of paper which she had written (asking my father to help with the spelling). It brought a little tear to my eyes. 🙂
She drew this after overhearing my husband and I discussing a wedding he’ll be shooting this weekend. Note that the bride has red hair! That’s my girl!

Now excuse me but the freezer beckons!



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  1. I think it’s funny you are craving ice hehe. But you know what I mean you are essentially drinking loads of water which is great for your health so ultimately it’s a good thing.

    I see what your hubby meant that you look normal except for your tummy. I think it’s better like that tbh tipo is it so obvious that you are pregnant and not fat.

    ma cannot believe due date is so soon. Minjaf how excited 🙂

    MWA xxxx

  2. Love The Bump! And where do the yoga classes take place? I’d love to start going from nxt week!

  3. Are they for pregnant women only, or? I arrive really early Wednesday morning, so next week is most probably a miss! But I will let you know! Thanks xxx

  4. looks like you have a future ballerina on your hands!!

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