A surprise at -6 days

The past week has gone by in a blur. I’m living day by day, waiting and hoping this baby will be born before its due date. It’s not that I’m in a rush, knowing full well it’s no walk in the park having a newborn, but I honestly feel that my body is ready to give in and deliver this bundle. There have been pains and aches (the weirdest I’ve ever experienced), very swollen feet (to the extent that I can only wear one pair of shoes for a limited number of minutes) and a big surprise yesterday.

It all happened when I went to hospital for a regular visit. The baby’s heart was monitored, as is normal practice here the last week of pregnancy, and was pronounced to be very strong and reactive. This alone made my day, or so I thought. Then I proceeded to the gynecologist’s room and I told him about the pains I had experienced the previous couple of days. He decided to perform an internal examination (all of you who have already been through this procedure will understand what I mean when I say it’s one of the worst memories I have from my first pregnancy) and in between gasps and failed attempts at deep breathing I heard him say two numbers. I thought I had misunderstood but he confirmed that I was 2 to 3cm dilated. I kept asking him whether he was joking and both he and the midwife present ended up laughing at my euphoria. Three centimetres out of ten is almost insignificant but not for someone who had to endure three days of pain and two hours of contractions the first time round to reach the magic number 3! I literally skipped out of hospital with a grin rivaling that of the Cheshire Cat. Later in the afternoon I returned to the hospital with the husband, as instructed by my doctor. They monitored the baby’s heart again and informed me that I was experiencing some ‘tightening’, or practice contractions if you like. Having experienced proper contractions in the past, I knew that there was a looong way to go before this baby would be born so the rest of the day was spent in a daze, hoping that something would miraculously happen. Alas, nothing did. So I’m still pregnant and willing this baby to be born already.

What’s keeping me going is knowing that the time is closer than I thought and that we managed to dodge my brother’s birthday. You see, one of my brothers was born on the first of June, my birthday is on the fifth and my other brother’s is on the seventh (which is this baby’s due date). Being a firm believer that one’s birthday is sacred, I am quite keen on this baby having his/her own special day without having to share it with another family member. Which is why today or tomorrow would be perfect, right?



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  1. OMG so close!! This is so exciting 🙂 I know a couple of other people who are due in summer so it’s a baby-packed season. Good luck xx

  2. Oh, these last days are such an incredible test of endurance! I always thought it was less a case of me being strong enough to endure and much more due to the fact I had no other choice…

    Sending you many hugs and wishes for courage, strength, grace…hang in there, darling Mau!

  3. ooh ooh ooh that’s amazing! could happen anytime really, but agree about having baby’s own special date! Hope s/he cooperates! 😉 xxx

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