Big day

So, we managed to dodge my birthday too. Yesterday I celebrated 35 years of life with my family and, even though I spent most of it sitting down, it was a lovely day just because I was surrounded by the people I love. But my mind kept drifting to another person who was present, even though s/he was hidden.

Today will be a very special day for the little person inside me, not to mention for yours truly and those around me. Please send prayers/positive thoughts/energy our way. I hope to be back very soon with some very good news.


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  1. All the best my dear. you are all in my prayers.


  2. Happy Birthday, dear Mau! So exciting…just a little while longer. xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday and best of luck !! xxx

  4. a hug 🙂

  5. Happy birthday! And that baby should better not start messing up with mummy already and just come out on the allowed days 🙂

  6. Good luck my dear friend – you’re in my thoughts xxx

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