She is here!

My apologies to those of you who follow this blog and were expecting some news from the undersigned. I have spent the past week breastfeeding, changing nappies and falling in love with a little bundle called Robin. She was born a week ago, on the 8th of June at 13:30. She weighed 3.92kg and was 51.2cm long (so much for the small baby we were expecting!). So far she has been an absolute angel, feeding frequently but hardly ever crying, except when it’s time for her bath. She is the total opposite of her sister, and yet, the resemblance between the two girls is uncanny. I’ll be back soon with her birth story (for those of you who care to know the gruesome details) but right now it’s time to be milked again. Ah, the joys of motherhood!

Robin at 2 days old


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  1. How sweet 🙂 & Congrats once again xx

  2. She is so cute and precious! very cute photo- look at all her hair!!

  3. She is gorgeous! She had Maia’s eyes!

  4. Grrr! I wrote ‘she has Maia’s eyes’…

  5. My first thought when I saw the pictures pop up on FB was exactly that…. there’s not a doubt in the world that Maia and Robin are sisters! Glad you’re getting on so well! xxxx

  6. She is so beautiful!! Congratulations!!!!

  7. Congratulations to all. So thankful for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Absolutely precious.

  8. So sweet. How is it going?

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