Lately chez us…

Little Robin has been sleeping...


...and guzzling milk...
...and befriending some brightly coloured insects.
Meanwhile, Maia has been busy in the kitchen...
...she has been spending more time than she normally would playing at the computer...

…and she has generally been doing my head in. The poor girl has gone from having undivided attention to having to wait for it, sometimes for up to 45 minutes. Such is her hunger for attention that the longest  she goes without demanding that someone look at her is two to three minutes. I’ve timed her. All our neighbours hear these days is her voice calling “Mama, look at me!” or “Papa, look at this!”. I feel awfully guilty because I can see how frustrated she is but I really can’t do more than I’m doing. Well, it might help if I kept calm when she asked me for the umpteenth time to look at her hopping from one sofa to the other. Considering how much she has recently had to share with her new sister, she’s incredibly sweet and loving with Robin. She sings to her during bath time, she hands me the nappies and cream during nappy changes, she gives her the pacifier when I can’t lift her and she kisses her all the time. On the other hand, Robin already responds to her. She follows her with her eyes when she’s close and just stares at her with those big blue eyes when she sings to her. I might not be doing everything right but at least the two are bonding, which was my first priority. It’s now time to work on spending more quality time with Maia. If there are any mums of two or more out there I’d love to know how you dealt with it when the second child arrived!

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  1. Sweet Maia! I think it’s wonderful that they are bonding. I know someone who takes her daughter on special mother/daughter outings every so often. It’s usually to a fancy tea. But her younger child is 20 months. I don’t know if she managed it in the early months. Everything is so chaotic during this time. I’m sure everything will work itself out once you settle in to a rhythm.

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