This is the summer…

…we’ll learn how to be a family of four.

…we’ll make the most of every minute, even though the heat makes it feel like we’re being roasted in a giant oven.

…we’ll catch up with our dearest friends, each and every day.

…I’ll start working on getting my body back (the one I had a few years ago, not the one I had a year ago).



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  1. What fun for Maia to spend so much time with her best friend. When does it start to cool down for you? That can’t be easy with newborn.

    • Her friend (my best friend’s daughter) lives on the other island and they come over every weekend and then for the whole summer so we’re together everyday till September! It only starts to cool down in September and then only slightly. It’s not easy with Robin. She’s already got a heat rash and I’m having to stay indoors during the day. It’s tricky with Maia’s activities and me breastfeeding!

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