Long vs short


We’re on a mission to beat the heat, like we are every summer. The situation at home has improved a lot but since we have no air-conditioning, it is still hot most of the day. So what do you do, short of spending all day in a cold bath or running around naked? You chop off half your hair, that’s what! Yesterday was Maia’s turn. She got cold feet at the last moment and cried all morning because she was convinced she wouldn’t be able to style her hair in different ways if she cut it. After hours of listing the advantages of having shorter hair which would soon grow long again anyway, I managed to convince her. You can see how pleased she was with the result in the second photo (my apologies for the poor quality but I had forgotten my camera at home). She also told me she couldn’t stop looking at the mirror (I’ve created a monster!).

Next week will be my turn. My hair’s so long now that I’m getting headaches from the sheer weight of it. It is pulled up all the time because whenever it’s down I feel like I’m wearing a coat. I also desperately need to dye it again but don’t know how to get around doing that. Dying my hair takes a few hours at the salon and I can’t leave Robin for much longer than an hour because of her feeds. I won’t take her to the salon because of the fumes and I guess it would also prove tricky to try and breastfeed while wearing the hairdressers’ gown. So I guess I’ll be sporting half brown/half red (which is turning orange) hair for the summer!

Next in line is Robin. I swear, the girl’s got longer hair than I or Maia had at almost two years of age!



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  1. jew inkella… uza il pompa..

  2. mmm gd luck with that

  3. Abby recently got a major haircut too! Hers was inspired by her best friend and her teacher. It is soooo much easier to brush now! Maia looks darling.

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