Yay me!

One of the most pressing items on my To Do list this summer is getting back in shape after having put on 16 kilos over the past 9 months. I hadn’t weighed myself yet since Robin’s birth but did so this morning, on a whim. Girls and guys, I am thrilled to announce that I’ve lost all the baby weight! All 16 kilos of it! I still have another 6 kilos to go to reach my ideal weight (those infamous 6 kilos I had put on last year and which made me look pregnant before Robin had even been conceived) but I’m basically picking up where I was a year ago! I couldn’t be more pleased with myself (and incredulous), especially because all I’ve done these past six weeks is eat round the clock, especially ice creams and ice lollies (the obsession persists). The only exercise I’ve done is the usual housework and breastfeeding (which, at 500 calories burnt a day, is the equivalent of going to the gym in my books) and, if I have to be honest, it shows. I might have lost the weight, but I still look slightly pregnant. My muscles are still all relaxed and my belly isn’t even remotely toned but I’m halfway there, right? I will wait until my doctor’s appointment next week to start exercising but even then, I don’t plan on doing anything really strenuous, especially because I’m too lazy for that. It will have to be yoga and some short walks.

Ok, I’m off to have another snack. I’ll make sure it’s not another ice lolly.




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  1. In only 6 weeks???? Yay you, indeed! I still haven’t lost all the baby weight and since the “baby” in question is 5, i don’t think I can call it baby weight anymore. 😉 Good or you!

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