Jabs and quality time

Seven weeks after Robin joined our family, we are finally starting to settle down. Some sort of new routine has been established and, as any parent out there will confirm, routine is important both for the kids and the parents. Most of our days now consist of Maia going to summer club or dance classes in the mornings, during which time Robin and I bond over frequent feeds (to make up for the fact that she ‘only’ wakes up twice to feed at night) and I try to get the housework and cooking done while she naps. The husband has been busy with work and with wedding photography. I love his recent work and, judging from the fact he’s getting bookings for the next two years, it looks like I’m not the only one.

Maia has also been spending most of her afternoons at our closest friends’ house, playing with one of her best friends for hours on end. While I’m glad she’s finally catching up with her, after months of hardly ever meeting, I am also spending very little quality time with her. I cannot say I’m not grateful for the extra hours I get to spend with only one child and not having to worry about how to entertain a restless six year old indoors (it’s still too hot to take Robin out in the afternoons) but I do miss her. And while she is madly in love with her little sister, she has been showing some frustration towards me. Things came to a head a few days ago when she broke down and accused me of spending all my time with Robin and not with her. I explained that I was making sure she had the best time possible during her holidays and that Robin had to be with me all the time because she was a baby and I was the only one who could feed her. This did calm her down but it was obvious she wasn’t happy. So we came up with Special Maia Time. We agreed to spend some time together ALONE everyday. It could be watching a dvd or reading a book or going for a walk or shopping. We don’t really care what it is we’ll be doing as long as it is just us two. This means that it has to be timed not to coincide with Robin’s feeds and that there has to be someone to take care of her too. So far we have managed to play dominoes while Robin was sleeping and yesterday we baked some chocolate chip cookies. Spending quality time with her has been my biggest struggle since I gave birth and even though I cannot imagine our lives without Robin, it still saddens me that we will never be ‘alone’ again. I’m hoping Special Maia Time will help appease my sense of guilt and help me reconnect with my Koukla.

Making the cookies which were so buttery I could feel my behind expanding just looking at them. They did taste good...

In other news, Robin had her first injection this week. I thought I’d be more relaxed about it, especially because Maia had slept through all of her jabs. I was wrong. I controlled myself pretty well but by the time we were at the clinic I was fighting back the tears. There’s something significant about knowing your baby’s pure little body is being meddled with for the first time. Now there’s a whole lifetime of injections to be administered, medicines to be taken and injuries to be treated (hopefully very little of the latter two). I needn’t have worried about the little one, anyway. She whimpered a little when she felt the sting and was fine after that. I’m one proud mama!

This week has also seen Robin’s first real smiles and squeals. She’s the sweetest baby, I’m telling you!


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  1. It makes me so sad to think that it might one day be Emily in Maia’s position 😦 I’ll need to keep your Special Maia Time idea in mind though, it’s a great idea. It also makes me think I might not bother breastfeeding next time either… :-/

    • It’s the only thing I can complain about…my difficulty in coming to terms with the fact I’m a mum of two, even though it’s the same thing that’s making me happy. As for breastfeeding, I know what you mean. It’s time-consuming and it means that you have to be with your baby almost all the time but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. You didn’t have the easiest start what with the complications at the final stage of delivery but next time you might feel differently towards it, like I did this time. x

  2. she is adorable hanini :-)) .

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