Of sleepless nights

This is what our days and nights are looking like right now (hence the momentary absence from this space):

Broken nights – If you’re thinking it’s because Robin wakes me for feeds or nappy changes, you’re wrong. She sleeps for 7-8 hours every night without interruption (I’m afraid of saying it out loud or writing it lest I jinx my good luck!) and only starts feeding every two hours from around 4am onwards. No, the sleepless nights are because the 6 year old keeps getting up at 3am and wanting to come in bed with us, then has trouble falling back asleep when she’s sent back to her room. Last night we spent two solid hours hearing her cry and scream, hoping we’d cave in and let her join the party in our bed (because that’s what she seems to think is going on in our room at night). I’d have caved in after ten minutes but luckily the husband wasn’t on night shift and kept me strong.

Days spent nursing a baby with a cold – She’s much better now but for almost a week she had a blocked nose and a cough. The poor thing never complained and kept up her usual sleeping and feeding routines. I shudder to think just how much trouble she’ll be when she’s older. Surely, we’ll have to ‘pay’ for having had it so easy with her so far.

I’m hoping the rest of summer will be a bit more about fun outdoors and restful nights. How’s your summer been so far?

Sleepless nights and baby colds apart, the two girlies are bonding well. In fact, Maia is already teaching Robin all about temporary tattoos.


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  1. I’m glad to hear Robin’s getting better! And I am slightly jealous of the 7-8 hour sleep stretch, though I’m terribly grateful of Cesca’s 4 hour sleep during the night. Then it’s a feed every 2 hours as well. Do you think it’s Maia’s way of perhaps drawing attention to herself cos of the new baby?

    • Thanks Jos, I’m glad you’ve found some sort of balance too! As for Maia, she’s really crossed the line. I understand she craves attention, but she’s getting more attention than Robin is, I can assure you. She never quite learned to sleep on her own, partly my fault but mostly her grandparents’ and that’s the problem. But that deserves a separate blog post altogether!

  2. Aww. Poor Maia. She’s still adjusting. And Poor you. I wonder if it will get better when she’s back in school? Glad to hear that Robin is doing so well.

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