Works in progress

What is it that keeps us wide awake when we most need to sleep?

In this case, I got a strange urge to nest (remnants from the recent pregnancy?) and since there’s little I can currently do to our humble abode, I’m sprucing up this space. Please bear with me if things change a little round here the next few days but what started as a decision to change the background colour has taken on a life of its own and I’m changing EVERYTHING! Speaking of which, I have removed a couple of blogs from my blogroll simply because they don’t hold any interest to me anymore but I’d love to hear from you which blogs are your favourite so I may have a look and perhaps add them to my blogroll.

I hope your weekend has been great and that it is ending on a positive note. One of the highlights of my weekend was Maia telling me “You’re just like Mary Poppins. But you don’t fly.”. Indeed, I don’t but I took it as a compliment. And, as Mary Poppins would say, I need to get myself to bed. Spit spot!

Robins seem to be the only thing Mary Poppins and I have in common.

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  1. I replied to your comment on my blog but wanted to leave you one here too. Very different look indeed 🙂 very contemporary and cool!

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