I didn’t believe in miracles. Now I do.

Living on an island as tiny as this one means that one gets to see their family, both immediate and extended, several times a year. Sometimes you bump into aunts, uncles and cousins three or four times a week even! It is also very common to have relatives living in far-flung countries like America and Australia.

In my case, there are four uncles who had emigrated to these countries and of the four of them there is still one uncle I have never met. He’s one of my father’s brothers and has been living in America since his teens when he left the islands to join the American Army. Actually, both him and his twin brother joined the Army and while one of them was sent to fight in Korea, the other one was sent to Vietnam as a photographer. They both returned to America to start their families in Arkansas, where they still live to this day, right next to each other.

One of the grandsons of the uncle I still have to meet (and, sadly, I probably never will at this point) followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and joined the American Navy. He’s a war hero, having been deployed to war zones four times (and he’s still very young!) and having survived an explosion when he was in Iraq.

Three weeks ago, he stopped with his motorbike at a red light, just one block away from his home in San Diego, when a drunk 21 year old woman drove straight into him. She drove on, leaving him for dead. His injuries were horrific. The worst of them was internal decapitation. Basically, it was only skin that was holding his head to his body. He was assisted by some passers-by and taken to hospital where they literally fused his head back on a few days later. What is remarkable about this man is that today he’s walking and talking, less than a month after all this happened. The type of injuries he sustained usually kill 96% of victims instantly. The other 4% spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair.

I’m not one to believe in miracles but after having seen this video, I’ve become a believer.


Please keep him in your prayers.



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  1. OMG this is a miracle! A few weeks ago, one of our best friends died in a motorcycle accident here in Malta. The other friend that was with him on the bike is in very critical condition- had to have one of his legs amputated etc. It is a miracle that our other friend has survived and no brain damage etc.

    And to hear of another miracle like this, that your family member has lived and is walking and talking only a month later! Prayers are with him!

    • I know, Angela. I read your blog. It’s so sad. I hate motorbikes for that reason. True, people lose their lives all the time in car accidents but somehow on a bike the likelihood of surviving in one piece seems to be so remote. My cousin’s definitely lucky and now I also believe in the power of prayer. I hope your friends recover soon, as much as is possible.

  2. The video made me tear up. Miskin I hope he fully recovers very quickly.

    Angela I am so sad to hear he has to have his leg amputated 😦 that is so horrible. Thank God for no brain damage though !!!

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