The Chinese girl from Australia

One of the things I love most about blogging is the new friendships that are forged with fellow bloggers. What had first struck me the most was the sense of sisterhood between bloggers. I say sisterhood because male bloggers seem to be few and  far between…or maybe it’s just that I follow other ladies only, with the exception of my husband and one other blogger.

The very first blogger I followed is Nanette, a food blogger who lives in Australia. She’s mum to two beautiful children and her own parents grew up on this island, in the very village where I live now. We have yet to meet in person but she has been a point of reference for me and she was also the one who encouraged me to start blogging. This week we received a lovely parcel from her containing a gift for Robin and, very thoughtfully, one for Maia. When Maia opened her present she squealed with delight. Inside was the most adorable handcrafted doll ever and her hair looks suspiciously like that of Lotta (which is the reason why the lovely Nanette chose her). She was instantly named Anling because she looks Asian but since Maia couldn’t remember the name, she was renamed Caroline.

The lovely Caroline, who prompted a flurry of research about China and Chinese names. Never mind her bandaged knee...she scraped it while fighting off some bullying dolls.
Lotta eyed Caroline with suspicion at first, but now they are firm friends, I can assure you.

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