Milestone Monday

Yesterday, little Robin had her second jab. Maia was there to hold her hand and distract her. I was calmer than the first time and also so proud of Maia for being such a caring big sister! The little one cried for a few seconds and then was back to her smiley self. Straight after the clinic, we went to the library to change Maia’s books and the librarian spent half her time sitting next to Robin while she cooed and gave her gummy smiles. Our sweet little Robin.

Yesterday was also a memorable day for our baby because after three days of sterilising my breast pump and a bottle, I finally used them and expressed some milk. With Maia I used to express all the time and thought nothing of it. This time I guess I got lazy and the prospect of spending half an hour pumping away wasn’t very appealing. It also meant that Robin would be drinking from a bottle for the first time…another sign that time is passing and she is growing. I know she’s only three months old but I’m finding myself fiercely hanging onto her babyhood. Why do they grow so fast?

After a few suspicious seconds, she started to drink, then stopped to cry a few times but managed to finish it all.


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  1. I think it’s a wonderful thing for Daddy to be able to share feeding times. But I know what you mean, they grow out of that newborn phase TOO quickly!

  2. How sweet seeing George with Robin… she’s so tiny in his big arms!

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