Dear Maia,

you are now six years and a half old. You talk a lot. In fact, the only time you don’t talk is when you’re sleeping, which you don’t do nearly enough of. You’re full of energy all the time and I love that about you. I was so different and I’m happy you have your own personality and dreams. One of your dreams is identical to one I had your age, which is to dance and dance and dance. I started dancing at a much later age but you already attend three dance lessons a week and once you’re home you keep on dancing and choreographing. You love books, especially when they are read to you. Right now your favourites are Dogs don’t do ballet, Madeline goes to London and all your Charlie and Lola books. Charlie and Lola are still your favourite characters, as they are mine (luckily). You spend hours drawing them, sticking their stickers all over the furniture, watching their episodes which Auntie and Uncle gave you and playing with Lotta the doll.

Your favourite food right now is ravioli (with sauce on the side). You’re very much into biscuits as well, something I’m not very happy about. You eat most foods but say you hate fish, mostly because you hear your dad going on about how much he hates fish. You can’t stand soft drinks and your favourite drink is still water although you’ve added peach-flavoured ice tea to your list of favourites too. You’re tall for your age which means everyone thinks you’re older, including me at times. This means that sometimes I forget you’re a little girl and I expect a lot of you and for this I’m sorry. You’re a very sweet girl, very compassionate and a brilliant big sister. You take care of your baby sister all the time…too much at times. If it weren’t for your help I wouldn’t be able to do anything at times, not even go to the bathroom.

You speak English mostly but your Maltese is picking up. You speak it best with Nanna and Nannu and the expressions you come up with crack me up. You are desperate to learn another language, especially Italian so you can understand what Papa’ and I discuss in that language. We tried to make  you watch Italian TV but you get very frustrated because you cannot understand so that didn’t work. I guess Italian will remain the secret language of Papa’ and I for a long time.

You love dresses and yesterday you told me you wish it could be summer all year just so you could wear dresses and skirts. This winter I’ll make sure you’ll have a lot of dresses to wear. You also love shoes and you have quite a collection which you never even wear because  you tend to always want to wear the same two items of clothing. You’re very hard-headed and have clear ideas of what  you want and don’t want. I hope you’ll always remain this way. Always be your own person, no matter what others say or do.

You are growing fast, my dear koukla. You will never know how much you changed my life and me as a person and I’ll never thank God enough for having sent you to me. I love you more than anything in the world and I wish I could go back in time and take back every angry word I ever told you and replace it with a hug. It wouldn’t do you much good but I would feel less guilty. I just hope you realise how much you mean to me and your dad.

With all my love,




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  1. This is really touching :’)

  2. This is so beautiful. x

  3. Your advice to Maia: “Always be your own person, no matter what others say or do” is relevant and applicable to everyone! perfectly written! x

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