Christenings, copybooks and camper vans

Dear reader, I feel bad about the lack of writing in this space but I can assure you time hasn’t been on my side.

This past week was spent preparing Maia’s schoolbooks and uniform for her return to school next Monday. I thought there would be nothing to it, but it took me a good two days to cover all the copybooks, some of which had to be covered in wrapping paper or with pictures…cue panic attacks on my side and hours of cutting and sticking. We have also been busy preparing for Robin’s Christening which will happen tomorrow. Those close to us know that we excel at leaving things to the last minute and we kept our tradition of running around like headless chickens trying to get all the paperwork sorted (believe me, there was a lot of that to get done) and the preparations for the party taken care of…all during the past four days.

To top it all, I decided Maia’s room needed a major clean-up. It had become a riot of toys and dolls in there and I just couldn’t take it any longer. So I decided to do The Great Toy Edit this morning, when I was already running late. Needless to say,  her room is still a right mess and I ended up having to accept my mum’s offer to have Maia sleep over at their house. Add to all this a baby who fed every three hours at night and every hour and a half during the day and I’m feeling drained.

This time of the year we are usually planning our trip to Paris. We decided to give it a miss this year but we’re all ripe for a holiday. That’s why we’re looking into buying one of these babies:

This would be my dream model but they don't come cheap. You'll be the first to know if and when we buy one.

Happy weekend! I’ll be back with pictures from Robin’s Christening/welcoming party and with a moan about my other koukla going back to school, I’m sure.


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