Embrace the camera 20th October 2011

I'm falling deeper in love with this little girl every day that passes. (Excuse the involuntary show of underwear...I seem to be spending half my time with my bra on show anyway)

After about a year, I have decided to start embracing the camera again. The idea, for those of you not familiar with Emily‘s initiative, is to get in front of the camera together with one’s kids. Parents tend to take thousands of snapshots of their children but rarely feature in these photos. If we get in front of the camera a little more, our children will eventually have photos of us before we got all grey and wrinkly and they will love them even more than the photos of themselves as chubby-cheeked cherubs (how’s that for a tongue twister?).



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  1. Hehe she looks like she is in awe of the camera. What an adorable face 🙂

  2. you really should get in front of the camera more, you’re looking great x

    (and Robin, is of course, utterly adorable!!) xx

  3. You look beautiful Mau! And Robin is scrumptious as always 😉

  4. what a precious little baby!!!

  5. Adorable! love her big eyes!

  6. oh, that expression is so sweet…it makes me miss when my little guys where that age.

    she is beautiful

  7. I love this photo! Robin’s expression is priceless and you are very photogenic! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get in front of the camera any time soon…I always feel so silly when someone takes a picture of me. 🙂

    • I hate being in photos too. I never ever like what I see, which isn’t good but that’s how I am. However, I’m trying to make a conscious effort so my daughters have photos of all their family to see when they’re older. There are hundreds of thousands of them (their dad’s a photographer) but very very few of their dad and me.

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