This weekend

Did I really skip a whole week? My apologies…I really don’t know where the days are going. Or rather, I do but I can’t keep up with time. Instead of writing and taking photos I’ve been catching up with friends who were on the smaller island for a few days, playing with Robin (who turns 5 months today), cuddling Maia (who is becoming a very proficient reader and is making me one proud mama), attending the wedding of a very special friend who helped me before she even knew me and celebrating a very special girl’s fourth birthday. I’m posting some pictures I managed to take. I wish I remembered to take photos more often…

She does resemble him a lot, but she's also looking a lot like one of my brothers lately.
Maia breaking the 10 minute rule (she's allowed 10 minutes a day of online or game playing time).
Robin's been trying to snatch food out of our hands for a while now. I've decided to start weaning in a couple of weeks but my sister couldn't wait and offered her some bread...she reduced it to smithereens in a few seconds!
My husband and brother-in-law planning two road trips. That table looked like the NASA headquarters for a whole day.
This little girl, who's not the most sporty of babies, has almost managed to roll over completely. She has also discovered the joys of music (better late than never) and that screaming for twenty minutes can get you anything you wish for.
And finally, we celebrated this little lady's fourth birthday...
...with this cake, made by my very talented sister. It was spectacular AND delicious.


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  1. How funny! I have just used this quote (actually this same image!) for a crafts project! Once it’s ready I will send you a picture 🙂

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