Driving in the fog

Hello dear friends! Many thanks to those of you who still visit this space, even though I haven’t been around much. So, how has everyone been? I’m still trying to find my feet. I thought I had it all figured out but taking care of two kids is no mean feat. Then again, it might be just me. I have friends who have three children and they don’t complain half as much as I do. I suspect I expect too much of myself but, surely, it must be possible to take care of the children, have a relationship with my husband, keep the house looking half decent and find some time to write. Right? I still have a long way to go before I find the perfect balance but I’m not giving up on it.

What I had given up on was going away for a holiday. Then my lovely husband booked us a flight to the UK and whizzed me and Robin off for a few days in the Lake District. The hardest part was leaving Maia behind but I promised myself I wouldn’t ruin this short holiday with tears. She was having her own ‘holiday’ at my parents and was well taken care of.

During our holiday we drove a lot (who knew driving could be relaxing?), we ate hearty pub food, we enjoyed the cold temperatures, the fog and the fact we couldn’t see the sun and we had the best time watching Robin discover new things. One of her discoveries was that you can actually nap for longer than half an hour. In fact, as I’m writing this, she’s been napping for two hours and I’m starting to worry! We also met an old friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in two years. It’s wonderful how you can go for years without seeing a person and when you finally meet it feels like just a couple of weeks went by. The rest of the time was spent taking in the breathtaking views of this part of England. I couldn’t get enough of the trees, the green green grass, the cold weather, the streams, rivers and lakes. Ah…to be there again!

I’ll have to post some photos when Robin decides to nap again…she’s up and screeching!



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  1. So glad you had a lovely time! Driving is definitely relaxing (when you’re not stop-starting in traffic all the time lol) – “just drive” with no particular destination is one of our favourite things to do xxx

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