Lake District

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, here are a few photos I managed to take on our short holiday. As anyone who has been to this part of England can confirm, these pictures don’t do the place justice. I was driving and snapping away. I swear that I didn’t even need to look at the camera to see what I was shooting. The scenery is so breathtaking that wherever you look is like a scene out of a postcard. I’ll make sure to direct you to my husband’s blog when he gets down to posting some proper photos that he took, even though he was very good this time and didn’t spend nearly as much time as he usually does clicking away. If, on the other hand, you’re curious to know how I felt travelling with a baby for the first time, you can pop over at my Yummy Mummy blog.

My travel companions. It was Robin's first flight (outside my belly) and she was great!
We drove for many hours and stopped frequently for tea or pub meals along the way. Miss R took it all in her stride, swiping at our food when we were eating...
...and napping the rest of the time.
My husband will criticise this photo because the horizon is not straight, but this lake was so beautiful it looked unreal.
I swear I've never seen so many sheep in my life. This nonchalant bunch was blocking our way. They took their time, staring at us while they dragged their hooves to the side of the road.
She's been mastering a lot of new skills lately, mainly rolling onto her tummy and then screaming with frustration till someone turns her on to her back again, sitting pretty like in this photo and standing for longer periods (with us holding her up, obviously).
What we loved most was the cold weather. We're back in t-shirts on the island but for those few days we were able to wrap up and walk around without breaking into a sweat. Bliss.


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  1. Gorgeous pics. Looks like you had a great time 🙂 x

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