Half a year

Today our little baby turns 6 months. I know it’s a cliche’ but, really, time has flown. Two weeks after tasting baby cereal for the first time, she’s having two meals a day (vegetables in the morning and cereals in the afternoon) and she is breastfeeding every three hours instead of the usual two. She has also started waking up less often at night (at long last!). In the past six months she has gone from newborn size in nappies to size 5. Not surprisingly, her clothes are mostly intended for older babies. She now weighs 9 kilos and my massage therapist is having to deal with the consequences of my carrying around all that weight. She has started babbling and her ‘vocabulary’ so far consists of ‘bababa’, ‘rarara’ and ‘dadada’. I keep repeating ‘mamama’ to her but she hasn’t managed that one yet. She can finally sit on her own for longer periods, which means that she can play with more of her toys. Her favourite nursery rhymes right now are Pat a Cake and Horsey Horsey, even though any kind of music gets her excited. She is such a sweet baby, smiling all the time. She’s the perfect little sister to Maia, squealing with delight at whatever the latter does.

 Thanks to all of you who sent messages wishing me well. I was very unwell last week but I feel much better now. Don’t ask me what that was about because I still have no idea. I’m still waiting for some blood test results to come out but I feel fine now. Actually, I’m terribly congested and have a sore throat but I am not that fussed. Anything would be better than how I felt last week.

While I was in my own haze of pain and lethargy, a tragic accident happened on the islands where a neighbour’s son lost his life at 21. I grew up with his mother and the news shocked me. It reminded me how fragile we are and that our time here is limited. So I am constantly reminding myself to let go of negative feelings and to concentrate on the good. I am also trying to pick my battles with Maia…I was losing my temper a bit too often lately. Something else I haven’t been too happy about is my inability to carve out some time for myself. That’s the reason I haven’t written here much. When it all gets too much I think of that young man’s mother and everything fades in comparison.


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