Christmas in pyjamas

How was your Christmas dear reader? Ours was just perfect. In fact, it might have been my favourite Christmas to date. We spent most of it at home, just the four of us (in our pyjamas till late afternoon). We opened presents, played with toys, danced together and cuddled up on the sofa. Then we met family and friends and that was just the cherry on an already perfect cake.

Christmas day, all of us in PJs, having a mini photoshoot with Gladys, the new addition to our family.
There was a lot of silliness going on. šŸ˜€
Towards the end of the day we managed to get dolled up and went to meet the rest of the family.

Now we are half way through the school holidays and, apart from panicking at the prospect of filling another 12 days with fun for Maia, I’m secretly relieved. The absence of school pick-ups and dance and catechism lessons has given us some time to breathe and just be. Hurrah to that!

So, before my attention isĀ hijacked again by the littles, I’ve decided to update this space with what has happened lately chez us, lest I forget and nothing goes documented.


Last time I mentioned Maia’s letter to Father Christmas. She asked for the usual three items, the second of which didn’t go down well with me and the husband. It’s not that we don’t want her to have any video games. We just think it’s too early for her to have one for herself. Fine, the one she had asked for is also a digital camera (a very poor quality one at that) but she already owns a camera which is of a much higher quality.

Then she changed her mind (with the help of a little subtle reverse psychology from my side). A Lola rag doll took the place of the camera/video game. What can I say? I Ā jumped for joy when she announced her decision, not only because the offending item was deleted from the list, but also at the prospect of having another Charlie and Lola character join our family. Before you think I’m losing my marbles (which I very well might be of late), you should watch a couple of episodes from the show or read one of their books. They’re too sweet for words.

The first letter.

The updated letter which eventually made it to the North Pole.


Maia had had a wobbly tooth for months (the 8th) and a few days before Christmas I noticed a new tooth coming out in the same spot. So we went to the dentist and had the wobbly one, which was hanging on for dear life, pulled out. I hate going to the dentist as it usually ends in tears of pain since my body resists hisĀ anaesthetic. Maia, on the other hand, danced around his waiting room, couldn’t wait to get on his chair and although she cried a little after the extraction, was in good spirits less than two minutes later. I was very proud of her and I enjoyed a full ten minutes of quiet until she could remove the cotton wool which he had given her to stop the bleeding. It was back to non-stop chatter the second the cotton wool came out.

Maia showing off her latest gap.


How about you? How was your Christmas?

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