12 months

With tomorrow being the last day of 2011, I spent a good chunk of today thinking back on the past twelve months. I tried to remember the highlights of this year and guess what? All I could remember was Robin joining our family. Because, really, this year has all been about this little nugget, from the nausea and chronic sinusitis while I was still carrying her inside me, to her birth, to the past six + months she’s been in our lives. She brought an extra dose of love and happiness to our family. We were a close-knit trio before she was born but now I cannot imagine life without her. I used to wonder whether I’d have enough love left for another child. Now I wonder how we ever lived without her. She’s one special girl our little Robin.

I wish you a very happy 2012, full of love, happiness and good health. Oh, and lots of good food too!


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