The first day of 2012

This is what the first day of the year looked like. There was a lot of good food, a large noisy family, so much laughter we thought we’d pass out from the effort and a darling cake made by my very talented sister. The quality of the photos isn’t very good but the memories of the beginning of this new year are excellent.

This morning Maia woke up to a surprise. Father Christmas hadn’t got her one of the presents she had asked for because he thought she should work more on her behaviour before she could claim the hula hoop. She made an extra effort this past week and this morning she found the missing gift at the foot of her bed. Hopefully, it will help fill up a few hours of the week of holidays that remains. There’s only so much sorting and colour-coding one can do in a day!

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  1. 😀 couldnt start the year in a better way, actually yes…if all members of the family were there but it was great. Sugar figures are ready to be picked up by hula hoop girl 😛

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