This weekend

Robin started showing clear signs that she's teething. She's been drooling and biting on her toys for months but the past few days her gums have swollen and she tried to bite on everything within her reach.
Maia enjoyed the last couple of days of her holidays. She was a lifesaver these past few weeks, playing with Robin all the time and keeping her entertained while I cooked.
She loves organising and sorted Robin's toys many times, only to find them scattered all over the floor a few minutes later.
We started going for walks, taking with us the husband's new toy...his GoPro camera. On Saturday he strapped it to Maia so we could see the views 'through her eyes'. The result was nausea-inducing but priceless, especially as she tripped while running.
One of the many horses we met on our walk.
This dog followed us the whole way. Actually, he followed Maia. He stopped whenever she did, ran with her and went to check on her when she fell. Too sweet.
Robin cried the whole time. We tried carrying her, reclining her seat so she could nap, singing to her...nothing worked.
We then went for some hot tea at our favourite place and that's where we realised that Robin's nappy had been soiled for at least an hour. The poor thing. No wonder she couldn't stop crying!
We met Minnie Mouse after Sunday lunch.
And went for a walk with her.



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