This weekend

Little Robin was not feeling too well. She’s fighting a viral infection which could be contagious through prolonged contact so Maia has had to go to my parents for a few days. The two sisters still met everyday for a few minutes and only now do I realise just how much they have bonded. Robin lights up when she sees Maia and Maia can’t keep her hands off her little sister (which is precisely why we thought it would be better to separate them for a few days).

Robin has been stuck to me and her father like velcro. We haven’t been able to put her down for more than five minutes since Friday. She has been receiving a lot of individual attention and on Saturday started saying “mama”. If I have to be honest, she might just be babbling but my heart melts every time I hear those two syllables! She has also started waving goodbye and the husband taught her how to pull a funny face. Not only that, but she got her first tooth yesterday! This weekend has been all about her.

She got very excited every time she looked outside but we only went out for a few hours yesterday afternoon.

The rest of the time she napped and wanted to be cuddled. We were happy to oblige.

How about you? How was your weekend?


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